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If you are looking for a dedicated, confident, transparent and passionate attorney; Attorney Daly is the right person to go to. I was a victim of police misconduct and racial profiling. The day that I contacted Atty. Daly he was immediately invested in my case and recognized all the flaws within the police department testimony. He kept an open communication throughout the process and always provided me with updates. On February 2, 2023 I was found NOT GUILTY because of the work Atty. Daly did and justice was served. I had a pending charge for one thing but they accuse me of something else, which did not add up. After a year and a half dealing with this knowing I was innocent all along, Atty. Daly is the one who helped me get through the case and fight for what he believe in, which is justice. This impacted my life mentally, emotionally, financially and physically but now I can finally live my life and pursue my dreams with a clean record. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great criminal lawyer because you will not be disappointed. Thank you Atty. Daly for everything and believing in me!
- Michael M.

Attorney Daly helped my brother with his criminal case, he was found not guilty. If you ever need a great attorney who stand with you from the begin to the end please go for attorney Daly. He fight for clients. Thank you Attorney Daly.
- Shantal Mitchell

My fiancée was racially profiled by a particular police department and arrested innocently for 12 hours. After contacting Att. Daly, he took the case and fought for my boyfriend. Attorney Daly kept in constant communication with my boyfriend because he was in college and was going through serious depression. A month ago Attorney Dan Daly won the DA office and got my boyfriend a NOT GUILTY in a police misconduct matter. If you need a good attorney please use Dan Daly.
- Camille Christian

Dan handled everything smoothly and got my case resolved as quick as possible with the best outcome. My family and I were really glad we found him for the peace of mind he gave us when we were all worried. Thanks Dan!
- Jack Nascimento

I am from New York City and recently needed an attorney to represent my case in Massachusetts. I desperately searched online for an attorney, and I'm so fortunate that I found and chose Daniel Daly Law. I couldn't be happier with my choice. Mr. Daly was extremely thorough, easy to talk to, very responsive, and highly professional. Mostly, he made you feel at ease with his demeanor. He thoroughly explained in detail what would happen from beginning to end. I would give him 10 starts! Thank you, Mr. Daly. I know you insist on Dan! Without hesitation I highly recommend him.
- Maria Nascimento

Highly recommend -- very well spoken, knowledgeable and thorough.
- Brendan Roberts

DA was looking to lock me up . Didn't budge for over a year. Back and forth in and out of court , finally got the matter resolved ( continuation without a finding ) with NO jail time and NO felonies on my record. He represented me the way I feel he would have represented his own family ( am a convicted felon ) absolutely the most competant lawyer I've ever dealt with! 20 out of 10 stars!
- Sergey Y.

Dan is a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. from start to finish i could not be more pleased with my experience! he is definitely the guy to have on your side. thanks again Dan!
- Anonymous

Its was great working with Mr.Daly, he kept in touch through email, calls, text always kept his line opened for me, During my case he was there by my side through the whole process and even after the case was done! Really good man/person..... Got me the best results I could ask for during my case! Thank again...... highly recommended!
- Rashad Cisero

I highly recommend Dan for any type of legal service you may need. He is a very professional lawyer with strong communication skills, very responsive and thoroughly care about his work and his clients. I am very satisfied with his service. Don't hesitate to reach out to him, he will be able to help you.
- R.Y.

Attorney Daly is very professional, thorough, and has his client's best interests at the forefront. He is transparent on expectations, and is concise. I highly recommend Dan for legal services, he is one you can trust and be confident in his work.
- Kristine Foster

Dan is phenomenal. I went through the worst time of my life beginning in June 2021, facing a felony charge that shouldn't have been, but someone stacked the cards pretty high against me. I googled a few local lawyers that deal with Hampden county and I got a few replies that mostly were trying to scare me more and wanting money immediately. Dan randomly came through and answered my prayers with a free consultation and responses to my emails with all kinds of questions at all hours of the day and night- before I agreed to even hire and pay him. I was highly anxious and doubtful the entire time and his confidence and knowledge of the law reassured me- but not only those things. He put the personal touch into everything by easing my mind, reminding me to breathe at court, calling me on a holiday when everything's closed just to go over my options one final time before the final court date. There is no one else I'd have felt better with standing by my side. He got my felony charger dropped asap- reducing me to 3 months probation and a continuance without a finding so I can move on with my life. He spoke on my behalf about my character, the fact I have no prior record and I couldn't even find my voice when needing to speak to the judge but he was there and supportive for all of it and so kind, understanding and reassuring. I saw other lawyers with their clients and realized Dan was worth every penny! The night before the pre trial was the worst; Dan said "let's bring this baby home. Super easy" and it stuck with me, I'd never have slept that night if not for that. I've never needed a lawyer and hope I don't again because I just want my life back after this but I'd recommend him to anyone. He took the time EVERY time to explain things to me over and over because I don't understand a lot of these legal terms. I was scared Id lost everything, but Dan fought and helped me through it- he KNOWS what he's doing and restored my faith in humanity in all of this. He kept me sane and even congratulated me when WE won! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I'll never forget.
- Danielle

I was recently on the hook for 3 felony counts through the Westfield Court system. I've never been in trouble with the law in the past 50 years on this earth, and needless to say I was losing a lot of sleep because of that heavy, black cloud looming over my head. I felt isolated, and was scared of losing the life I worked so hard to build. After weeks of suffering in silence, I decided the stakes were too high to travel this dark road ahead of me alone. I reached out to Attorney Daly, and within minutes of speaking with him, he put my mind at ease. Going forward as a team, Dan walked me through what to expect, what we needed to fight for, and what I could anticipate upon exiting that intimidating court room. He never spoke over my head, and made sure I understood everything that was happening every step of the way, which was a long time due to the courts dealing with Covid. He called when he said he would, he spoke to Prosecutors when he said he would, and got the results in the courtroom he said he would. He's a man of his word, and I would highly recommend Dan to anyone with that similar heavy cloud looming over their head. You won't be sorry, and you may just be able to get some true sleep after speaking with him. Don't suffer alone. It will only get better having Dan by your side, guiding you each baby-step of the way, and I speak from recent experience. Thank you again Attorney Dan. I'll keep you on speed-dial just in case, but I'm hoping our paths will never cross again.
- K. Osborne

Overall great service! Was easy to communicate with. Professional knows what he is talking about and got me off with nothing case dismissed. Call Dan Daly. Thanks again.
- Steven O'Brien

I had the pleasure of being represented by Attorney Daly. He is very knowledgeable and confident in his abilities to achieve the best outcome for his clients. He is very well spoken. I will gladly recommend his services to anyone in need of help with their legal matters.
- John Breton

Dan was a wonderful lawyer who represented me for a case that had ended just a few weeks prior. Being unfamiliar with the legal process, Dan helped me step by step to understand the procedure of the matter, provided honesty and more than what was expected from the outcome of my case. Highly recommend Dan to anyone in need of representation.
- Thomas DeSouza

I was nervous at first about my situation but Daniel Daly helped me through it step by step. I am so grateful for your passion, dedication and professionalism. If u need a good lawyer Daniel Daly is truly the best to work with.
- Daniela Hamilton

Attorney Daly was nothing short of amazing. He was beyond helpful and the outcome of my case was better than I could have imagined. An absolute professional!! I highly recommend choosing him.
- Renee LeBlanc

Very pleased with everything Dan Daly did for me with my court case couldn't be happier with the outcome, very professional, and cares about his clients and gets them the best choice possible. Definitely recommend him.
- Derrick Herberg

Dan represented me in a legal matter recently and I could not have been happier with my choice to retain his services. He was always incredibly responsive and easy to get in touch with. Dan was proactive in his approach to my case, always moving things forward and reaching out to me with consistent updates. I had originally retained Dan's services because I had been completely unsatisfied with my previous attorney's effort and approach to my case. From the moment I hired Dan, the stress associated with the case became nearly nonexistent, as it was clear that Dan was ready to aggressively advocate on my behalf. The case just ended (far quicker than I had anticipated it would wrap up) with as good of an outcome as I could have imagined. I would highly recommend Daly Law to whoever might be in need of the legal services that Dan offers.
- Dawson Oot

I used to go against Mr. Daly when he was a prosecutor in D.C. He was tough but fair. He knew the law. I liked it much better when he became my colleague, not my adversary!
- Attorney Jamison Koehler

Working with Dan put my mind at ease amid a very stressful time. He was very knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful with getting me the resolution I was after. I wouldn't work with any other lawyer
- Tom Hedlund

"Highly recommend working with Dan!
Couldn't be happier with the results of my case.
He was able to explain all of my options so I had a complete understanding of what's going on.
Dan was on top of everything and with him handling my case, I felt confident and comfortable and it ended with the best result possible!!"
- Bob Poirier

"From beginning to end his expertise far exceeded my expectations. When it comes to COURT Dan Daly gets the job done with positive results. If you want a real shot at winning Dan is No Bull hitter you want on your side....FACTS!! Thanks Dan."
Antonio Gonzales

"Dan was great I have zero complaints he does his job but also makes it feels like it's more than that and makes you feel that he cares about you as a person as well and not just a case i recommend him."
Luis Martinez

"Works with you every step of the way, relieved a lot of stress from the whole situation. Very knowledgeable and would highly recommend for others."
Orlando G.

"An amazing lawyer. Could not have had better representation."

“Great when it comes down to having your best interests at mind”
Limaris S. Vazquez

“Would highly recommend Attorney Daly. He walked me through my case and all ended well. Great Attorney!”
Tom OConnor

“I currently live in Florida. Had warrants from 93, that they couldn't be found. If you want attorney that handles his business the right way. Contact Daniel, I'm grateful for his commitment and mind you I never met this man before and he treated me like family. Once again thank you.”
Dwayne E. Baidy

“Dan is very knowledgeable in the field. His performance in the courtroom in my defense was both professional and inspiring. He always had my best interest as priority and he is also very "down to earth" and easy to communicate with and relate to.”
Duane Arthur Madrid

“I’d definitely hire Daly Law again and have already recommended Daniel to my family and friends. He did a fantastic job handling my case.”
Taylor G.

“Attorney Daniel Daly is a lawyer’s lawyer - literally. His knowledge, integrity, and sheer determination to deliver for his clients is what sets him apart from other lawyers. When you need legal representation you want someone you can trust who will work hard on your behalf and that is just what you get with Dan. I can’t recommend him enough.”
BD O’Brien

“5 stars…Dan was excellent every step of the way. His communication was great and he really knows what he’s doing. Highly recommend!”
Mike T.